How does FTK Imager snapshot memory?

I was recently introduced to the FTK Imager program in my digital forensics class. As I was using I began wondering, how can this program see all of RAM? According to my Operating Systems knowledge, programs are limited to their own virtual memory, therefore it must have to contact the kernel in order to read other parts of memory. If so, that’s a fairly worrying privilege, so how does it work?
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Cryptanalysis of Classical Ciphers with Multiple Encryption

Have you ever wondered how multiple encryption affects the security of the famous classical ciphers, Caesar, Substitution and Vigenère? Does encrypting plaintext multiple times improve, weaken or not affect the overall Cipher strength? The conclusion, unsurprisingly, is that multiple rounds of encryption are equivalent to encrypting the plaintext once. Here’s why. Continue reading “Cryptanalysis of Classical Ciphers with Multiple Encryption”

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