Virtual Box 3 (Virtual Series) – 35


This mysterious file was left here, but I have no idea how to open it. Do you? I left it in a folder named 2016 just for you.


Navigating to My Documents/2016 we can see a file named flagfour.xlsx, this is an Excel file, a program which we don’t have on windows 98. So we need to get the file out of the VM and open it on our host computer. I didn’t know a nice way to do this, so I followed a tutorial which turned into the following steps

On your host computer, create a floppy disk.

  1. fallocate -l 1474560 floppy.vfd
  2. Mount the floppy onto the VM
  3. Open the floppy in the VM (And format it)
  4. Copy the file flagfour.xlsx onto the floppy
  5. Eject the floppy

Now back on our host computer, we need to mount the floppy

  1. mkdir /tmp/floppy
  2. sudo mount -o loop floppy.vfd /tmp/floppy

Find the folder and open it with libreoffice, and we get our flag