Computing Equality


Before anyone starts reading, I want to make the fact clear that I consider myself an equalist, someone who wants both men and women to have equal rights, equal pay and equal opportunities in all aspects of life. I just personally don’t like the word feminism (most likely due to the recent negativity around it), and think equalism is a better word for how I feel. But I certainly don’t want to achieve it in the same way as this guy. *Legend of Korra reference* Continue reading “Computing Equality”

Programming Education for Kids and Teens in Sydney (As of Feb 2015)


For the past two weeks I’ve been searching for and cataloguing all programming courses children ages 5 to 18 can take, either in Sydney physically, or online. This inquiry was conducted for two reasons, firstly because I felt like I had missed out on some great opportunities when I was younger and am hoping that this list can help both parents and their children make the most of the opportunities available to them. Secondly, I wanted to see whether or not in 2015, girls and boys have equal opportunities to learn programming. View the Feb 2015 Sheet here View the most current version of the sheet here Continue reading “Programming Education for Kids and Teens in Sydney (As of Feb 2015)”

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